First Week, Round 2

So far the first week is going great!  I have reduced my coffee intake, increased my water intake, and had compliant meals across the board.

The only commitment I have broken this week is eating out.  My goal at the beginning of the week was to each lunch from home each day this week.  But so far (both days at work) I have had two lunch invitations that I just couldn’t refuse.  So, I decided to go but was very careful to have Whole30 compliant meals.  

Luckily, my lunch date today with my BFF was at Urban Stack, which I have previously raved about as an excellent option for Whole30 eating out.

I have also hit my goal for a 10:00PM bedtime during the week this week, despite working a 13 hour day yesterday.  It has been a long, particularly stressful and hectic week at work, but despite that I have staved off the craving so far.  Only a couple of more days until the weekend and a trip to the Farmer’s Market again.  Can’t wait!


Omelets, Omelets, Yummy Omelets!

Amazing veggie filled omelet for breakfast along with coffee for a boost into the holiday.  Lots of work to get done today after being out of the office for a week, but at least I get to do it on the couch!

Looking forward to some mustard (local, all natural from Piedmont Park Farmers Market) glazed chicken and veggies for lunch created by my Whole30 buddy who is luckily a much better cook than I am!

Secondary goal for the day: increase my water intake.  8 oz. down, lots to go.

Day 2.1

I can’t really call this day 1 since this is the second time around; 2.1 seemed more appropriate.  Getting the e-mail from the Whole30 in my inbox this morning was a nice little boost to get the day started.  I grabbed my morning coffee with coconut milk, had some stir fried veggies for lunch, and I’m planning some yummy chicken and veggies for dinner.  I also found a couple of salad dressings today that have no added processed foods.  Totally natural!  And they are delicious!  Had a salad as a snack earlier to tide me over until dinner.

One of the Whole30 suggestions that I think will save me some grief this time around is to put a note in your kitchen with three, super easy, dinner ideas made of things that are already in your kitchen.  So when I get off work on Tuesday and drag myself home, exhausted, and wanting to do anything other than cook, I won’t feel overwhelmed by needing to come up with something for dinner.  There will be three easy suggestions right there waiting for me!  

Ready for day 2!

….And We’re Back….!

Despite how the last posting on April 24th may appear, I did in fact make it further than Day 9…I actually made it to Day 15.  Then I fell off of the wagon…Hard.  And I have obviously stayed off the wagon for nearly a month.

But all of that changes on Sunday.  I have signed up for the daily e-mails from the creators of the Whole30 for daily tips and accountability.  I have also somehow convinced a very good friend to join me on this 30 day quest and be my Whole30 Buddy.

I am out of town at Baby Prosecutor’s School this week and hotel living it’s really conducive to cooking and preparing Whole30 compliant meals.  So I have decided to start my 30 days on Sunday.  This will give me two days to get home, clean out the fridge, make a massive trip to the grocery store and prepare meals for the beginning of the week.  There are trays of sweets everywhere you turn at this conference, so my goal for the rest of the week will be to stop eating them every time a new variety tray makes it’s way to the snack table.

I wish that I had made it all the way through the first time around, but since I didn’t, the only thing to do is to hop up and try again.  This time I feel like I will have greater resources and accountability that will help me stay in it for the long haul.  I felt so amazing after just the first two weeks last time.  I had lost weight, I had more energy, I was sleeping better…time to get back to all those awesome things and away from the tired, cranky, grumpy person I have been over the past couple of weeks.  Here we go!

Day 9, Surviving Eating Out: Urban Stack

I have discovered the best way to survive eating out in Chattanooga while doing Whole30: Urban Stack.  I have now been there twice in the last week and I’m probably going to go again tomorrow.  For those of you who are not familiar with this fabulous establishment, it’s a Chattanooga specialty burger restaurant.  There website can be found here.  So easy.  Burger.  Lettuce wrap.  Sweet potato fries.  Done.

Today I had a slightly larger challenge at Taco Mac.  But a grilled chicken salad, minus the cheese and beans did the trick.  My cravings have gotten better and my energy level is still up.  21 days to go!






The rest of the day didn’t go quite according to plan.  I expected to be just as exhausted by the end of the day as I had been all day long.  Wrong!  5:00 rolled around and I suddenly had more energy than I had all day.  Decided to go to Earth Fare to pick up groceries.  Grabbed lots of meat and veggies and new spices.  Decided to make Whole30’ified chicken curry with veggies for dinner.  Yum!  Now back to work.

0 0-1 0-2

Day 7: ZzzzzZzzzzZzzzz

Sooo sleepy.  Day 7 has proven to be a challenge mostly due to exhaustion.  I am so ready for the end of the work day so that I can scoot home and take an afternoon nap.  The cravings are still pretty intense today.  And the doughnuts and pastries in the kitchen at work are not helping.  But honestly, today, I am mostly too tired to cheat.  And yes, that’s black coffee.




Yesterday was only day 6, but the cravings that are predicted to occur from days 8-15 decided to show up early.  I was craving EVERYTHING that I am not allowed to have yesterday.  I wanted pasta.  I wanted cheese.  I wanted milk.  Most of all, I wanted ice cream.  I do not usually have a particularly strong sweet tooth, but over the past couple of days all I have wanted are brownies, ice cream, cookies, CAKE.

As I was sitting on the couch, trying to watch Big Bang Theory while eating carrots and not thinking about sweets, I suddenly heard an unusual noise in the background.  It couldn’t be.  I wouldn’t be.  Where could it possibly be?!  An ice cream truck.  The little jingle that normally causes small children to coming running from blocks away in either direction could be heard playing somewhere in the middle of ATL.  Why on Earth would their be an ice cream truck in the middle of Atlanta?!  Oh, wait, I know.  Because I am doing the Whole30 and just happened to be in earshot.

I am happy to report that despite the insane cravings, and ability to be at a whole host of sweets in less than 10 minutes, I restrained myself.  Mostly due to another side effect typical of days 6-7: exhaustion.  More on this later…it’s time for me to drag myself over to court and hope to make it through this motion docket without falling asleep at counsel table.

Day 5: Project Homemade Salad Dressing

I have been craving salads for the past few days.  So salad dressing has become my latest Whole30 challenge.  I decided to make paleo approved ranch.  You can find the recipe here: Paleo Ranch.  It was surprisingly easy and tastes remarkably like regular ranch dressing!  Getting ready for hot wings and other yummy types of spiced chicken for dinner.  Dressing was a must!  Will work on getting it on a salad tomorrow 🙂0 0-1 0-2


0Who could possibly complain when this is what dinner looks like? Most amazing meal I’ve had in a very long time, and all 100% Whole30 compliant!

Next challenge: homemade salad dressings.